Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay COBE commissions if I’m looking to lease or buy commercial property?

No, we offer a no-fee representation for all tenants and buyers. We help our clients negotiate with the landlord or seller to make sure you get the most competitive rate on the market.

When and why should I hire commercial real estate brokers?

Hiring experienced commercial real estate brokers can save time and money. Experienced brokers have current information on market trends, locations and access to national marketing tools. At COBE, our brokers understand the total cost of the transaction and can help negotiate a deal that best suits your needs.

I want to invest in a building but don’t want to manage the property. Do you offer property management services?

Yes, COBE Real Estate offers property management solutions.

To get started in search for commercial space, what information do I need to provide to the commercial real estate broker?

Proactively gathering information prior to meeting with commercial real estate brokers will help expedite the process. Here is some common information that might be needed:

  • Geographic parameters (proximity, existing location, labor force, location preference, taxes)
  • Number of employees now and in the future
  • Space size
  • Economics
  • Class building preference
  • Type of transaction: buy, lease or investment?
  • Special requirements
  • Desired building amenities
Should I buy or lease a commercial building?
The answer will largely depend on your ability to borrow, and whether you choose to invest in property vs. other areas of your business.

Leasing frees up capital for business operations.

Buying the property gives the company control of its operating facilities and more control over costs.

The company’s cash flow, cash requirements, management resources and flexibility for needing the particular facility will determine the answer.