What to Expect When Buying Multifamily Properties

Our experienced commercial realtors will help guide you toward the right multifamily property. There are some things to consider before purchasing.

Multifamily Properties Can Bring Profitable Future: These types of properties can bring a very lucrative future when invested into correctly. Many baby boomers are retiring and millennials aren’t buying homes as much, which leads to more profit for multifamily purchases in the future.

High Demand: There aren’t enough multifamily properties being built to meet the demand of people looking to rent. This is only going to continue to be more of a demand in the future.

Inspections Are Important: When purchasing an older building, you’ll want to do your research on the maintenance needs and what condition the building is in. If you’re considering a renovation of the building, you’ll definitely want to be prepared on the approximate expenses. We can help with the evaluation.

Solutions for Multifamily Owners

Our team provides multifamily owners and investors with the comprehensive research, marketing, advisement and transaction services on both private and institutional multifamily sales.
COBE Real Estate - Multifamily Solutions

Services include:

  • Facility Acquisition and Disposition
  • Investment Analysis
  • Property Valuation
  • Strategic Analysis of Investment Capabilities, Portfolio and Risk Analysis
  • Negotiating Deal Terms/Structures
  • Preparation/Review of Sales Agreements
  • Facilitating the closing process

Other Property Solutions